By LincolnWarrior

Sitting on the fence

After 2 very long days at work today was to be a little more steady. After enjoying get up a little later this morning as steady drive to get a blip . I took Julie to blip her monthly shot of her tree and then I suggested a quick drive to Asda to get something for tea tonight and a few other things from there that we cant get from Tesco. 
As we drove across to their our drive took us down a couple of country roads. I decided to stop and search out a blip shot. I spotted this pigeon sat on the fence looking rather wet and sorry for its self. I grabbed a couple of shots and also spotted a heron fly up the river but just to late to get a clear shot of it and then there was also a Kestrel sat in a distant bare tree again just to far to get a good clear shot of it especially in the murky conditions. 
Blip sorted it was back home once we had got the shopping done . This afternoon we said at home getting the back room clear ready for the builder coming to sort out the rising damp problem . so things to be moved out of the way and take the radiator of the wall that had been disconnected the other week. As I moved it I discovered it had a fair amount of black sludge in it so  once I had it outside I set up the hosepipe and flushed it out . 
A relaxing evening now ready for the work to start tomorrow .

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