Summer holidays... so it's ok to have what colour hair you want.

Tyler chose a good team to support ;)

Claire and I were up early as we had our first Antenatal class at Russells Hall Hospital. We were glad we went as I've learned a lot about what happens and the procedures on the day of giving birth. Like how to get into the maternity ward if it's out of normal hours....which is kind of handy.

Claire is classed as high risk due to her way back medical history so she has been told she wouldn't be in a normal maternity room, which she is not keen on. Today we were given a glimmer of hope this can be changed so Claire is going to see her specialist to be re-assessed.

I'm not sure if I'm more at ease or more scared of what's coming after spending 2 hours with a mid-wife today.

It rained pretty much none stop all day so there was no chance of getting out on my bike so we spent the afternoon and evening catching up with my family. My sister is counting down the days to when she moves into her new house only a mile or so from mine.

Hope you'll had a good weekend

Mr Bo Hingles

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