Daily Tales

By PamelaJ

Penny farthing

It's a replica being used as a garden feature.

I had a trip out this afternoon with ian to a lovely garden centre but unfortunately felt very tired and  in a bit of pain, so our visit was curtailed.  I guess its still very early days and I'm expecting more from myself than I can deliver.

We bought six different herbs that I shall plant up tomorrow,  plus some grasses for the new patio and bags of compost.  Although we make our own compost (the chickens and ducks are very accommodating)and have a huge heap,  there is never enough.  

A few years ago I made fertilizer from stinging nettles , as advised by Monty Don. It no longer smells as bad as it once did and it's a great enrichment for the plants. Or so I like to think.

I miss pottering around the garden and pulling up the weeds, which I find very cathartic . Unfortunately after the two emergency major bowel surgeries  and another stay in hospital, its taking longer to get back my strength and do the things I would like to do. Each day now I can see progress so am keeping up the positivity, and enjoying relaxing in the sunshine.

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