By Ogatodomar


...to buy cherries! Unblemished azure sky - 24°C & the Commune has seen fit to remove their unpleasant message saying, in effect:  "If you must get heat-stroke, please get it somewhere else - not in our nice shady park!"

I bought cherries!

Buying good cheese proved more difficult since my lovely cheese people are on holiday for the next three weeks... Then seeing as I was well scrubbed up I went to get my too long hair cut short... same result - Zaqi the Iraqi is also out of town.

Cherries remind me of "Le Temps des Cerises" ("Cherry Time") - a music festival staged in the magnificent grounds of the Abbaye de Floreffe - I had agreed to help the friend who got me the gig - he had a stall selling all sorts of dubiousness including much dubious wine. I worked there all afternoon & you will be able to deduct - the gig was washed out winewise!

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