By Picturemull

First There Is A Mountain

The rain finally gave way to some lovely light at Calgary, which was a huge relief for M who was organisiing the participatory artwork 'First There Was A Mountain' by Katie Paterson.  Scale models of mountains Kilimanjaro, Shasta, Fuji, Stromboli and Uluru had been made into sandcastle 'buckets' so that people could make mountains out of sand which the sea eventually reclaimed.  This is being repeated in various locations around the UK.  Lovely to see Treshnish and family there and her M was a huge help to my M with making it happen.

We didn't finish cleaning up until after 11pm (all the 'buckets' had to be cleaned and dried as they were to be collected on Monday to go onto the next destination).  Just a tad tired today (am backblipping).

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