Life in Newburgh on Ythan

By Talpa

A tale of butterflies and whales

I drove up to Peterhead this afternoon in the hope of there being something of interest in the harbour. Sadly the sea mist was in and it was all very murky. 
Happily, however, the ragwort flowers on the links were wick (alive), as they say in my native Yorkshire, with painted lady butterflies.

Extra. The fog was less thick, but rather atmospheric, in the ancient graveyard of St Peter. I was interested to find this gravestone erected by Barbara Cormack for her husband James Sim. James had died on the 18th of August 1834 but wasn't buried until the 18th of October. The reason for the delay was that he had  died in the Davis Strait off Greenland. The Strait was a favourite  hunting ground for the Peterhead Arctic whaling fleet. James must have been on board one of the vessels when he died and was brought home for burial when the whaling season came to an end.The Davis strait is shown on the map.

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