Cooling Gorge

Not wanting to waste having the hire car and as we hadn't managed to do this part of the Oberstdorf, Germany/Kleinwalsertal, Austria trip. Kate & the team took off back to the same area as yesterday.

Having the car is the first time Barry has driven in Germany. Up until now, he has always not wanted to be included insurance. So was useful yesterday that I could give some tips on the one or two of the stranger rules but to be honest he drove perfectly. The thought is always far more daunting than when one actually takes control of the wheel. But he did like the idea of the same route!

They went to the Breitachklamm, a spectacular gorge that is a major attraction. As today was due to be record-breaking hot, I suggested they drove to the top in Austria & walk down the gorge and then take the public bus back to Austria. However, it seems so had everyone else and the carpark at the summit was full. So they drove back down and started the climb from Oberstdorf.

Here a video showing how it gets more spectacular as you climb up. Although not as spectacular as in early spring when the snow is melting or in winter when the water freezes, the gorge which is the deepest in middle Europe was nice & cool. They went to the upper "halfway point" and then returned down the same way, leaving out the very last bit into Austria. They wanted to get back home & enjoy a few hours of pooling - it was a very hot day.

Meanwhile back home, I robbed the bees of a box of full honey. The girls were actually very calm about it. I had delayed harvesting until the grandchildren were here so that they could see some of what it took to get honey. It was overdue, the frames were packed with almost too dry honey. Added to this the wax seemed to be very soft in the heat and during the spinning, several frames broke up in the heat. Shame as once the honey has been extracted, one can normally give them back the almost intact combs to simply clean up & start filling again almost straight away.

The guys got back in time to see the last few frames go through the process of having the sealed combs having their lids removed, spun & they opened the tap to let the first honey flow into the container. The next morning they had it at breakfast. Even Kate who can't remember ever eating honey simply on bread was very taken. It does seem to be a very tasty batch, not the overpowering honey taste, that put me off the stuff for 60 odd years before I started keeping bees. I suspect today's haul will be the single biggest I have ever had. Will let it settle for a few days before bottling & shipping to Ireland. Airport security will prevent any being taken back in hand luggage.

In the evening, they took off again to Ottobeuren for a meal at the very good Turkish Döner snackbar/restaurant. I guess what one knows as a Kebab place in the UK - thin sliced/shaved meat from a circulating block with salad & sauce stuffed in a pita. 

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