Jacobsburg ....

... frog.

We got out early this morning after breakfast to hopefully beat the heat!  But it was already quite hot by the time we got to Jacobsburg State Park.

We didn't see any hummingbirds but there were lots of frogs on the surface of the pond just waiting to be photographed!  We were surprised to see they had cut down (or pulled up) a lot of the grasses that were once in the pond.  This left the pond quite open and made it easier to photograph the frogs at least!  Don't know how the frogs feel about though. 

On the way home we stopped at Plainfield Rail trail to leave nuts and seeds out for the chipmunks and to take a short walk.  We didn't walk as far as we normally do as it was too hot and sticky. 

We spent the rest of the day doing not a lot of anything .... simple R&R!  

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