Jan's View

By HarlingDarling


Whiz rolled oats so they resemble flour.
Put them in a bowl.
Add corse oatmeal.
Add black sesame seeds and salt.
Add boiling water and thrash about with a spoon to get everything to stick together. 
Use as little water as possible, but make sure it all sticks together.
Shape into a sausage whilst still hot. 
Squeeze to make sure it's not full of air!
Slice rounds off the sausage, use a sharp fine knife and a sawing action.
Roll out the rounds as thin as you fancy.
I use a rolling pin with a deep profile of squares.
Put the cakes onto a baking tin and bake at about 150 - 180°C.
Check after 5 minutes, and 5 again, and then more often.
Under 15 minutes baking time for my thin ones.
They taste great, are nice and crispy and keep well in an airtight tin.

I did other things today like:
 decide on hotels for the Italy trip in September, discussed wedding planning for that trip, solved an oven problem in the red house, did a load of white washing, changed the beds, frames two life drawings, and an ink painting of grapes, decorated a bunch of paper folders, picked out English language songs to practice tomorrow with Karin, found the harp strings I had misplaced so I can restring the broken one on my harp, puzzled over the white lines that are covering my computer screen so I can hardly make anything out - looks seriously wrong, sometimes they are black, and sometimes they disappear, did a pastel drawing (still not happy with the medium but it will soon be August), decided on pen and ink drawings for August, or perhaps collage (for most of the month it would work ok), weeded a flower bed I'd overlooked, didn't do yoga or tai chi or qi gong but will do before bedtime.

Will also watch the last episode of Killing Eve, series two. Even Keith is finding it tense!! We hold hands.

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