By TheOttawacker

More Ottawa 'Slightly Annoyed' than 'Fury'

I finally thought it was time to initiate Ottawacker Jr into the delights of live football (or soccer as the locals insist on... blah, blah, blah).

Actually, despite it being what coach Nikola Popovic called "the worst performance of the season" (I hear ya brother, it was shite), it was a fun evening. 

As a special treat for graduating kindergarten, Ottawacker Jr got to go pick a friend to go with. And his friend's dad came along too, so I got to have a drinking buddy. So everyone was happy.

This was the Canadian Championship and the opposition were HFX Wanderers (from Halifax, N.S.). It's a version of the cup over here, the only chance teams outside the MLS get to meet the big boys.

HFX Wanderers are very much not the big boys though - and for the Fury, who are actually a pretty decent side, it should have been nothing more than a walkover.

Except it wasn't. HFX are a very good physical side, and Ottawa couldn't cope. 2-0 down and looking like it would be 3-0 down every time they lost the ball. Then a flukey own goal, and the tide turned. In the end it was 2-2 and the Fury went through 5-4 on aggregate. 

"Did you enjoy it?" I asked.

"Yes. What's aggregate mean?" was the response... oh well.

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