By jac1954

Very short toothbrush

Well how can I start~~~~~~
I was awoken by the noise of what I thought was a hammer drill in the ally way down the left side of my bungalow (which is 80ft long)
Walking in the dark with my phone ready to call the police !! My heart is jumping out of my chest fear creeping in on me.
When it stopped!!!!!!!
So continue down to the patio doors nothing seen or heard anywhere.
So don’t be so silly go back to bed. I stopped at the kitchen for a drink of water and then~~~~~ the noise started again.
I thought I’ve been walking the wrong way!!!
So creeping along to the other end when I got to the middle it stopped so I stood frozen to the spot.
Come on start again so I can find you I whispers.
Brrrrr Brrrrr, Brrrr it was in the bathroom on the shelf was my electric toothbrush buzzing away and the wooden shelf making it twice as loud lol it had been playing up for a week working not working. So now it was coming on and off ~~~~~~it started again in my hand blasted thing 3am in the morning I pressed and pressed would not stop So I decided to hit the button against the basin it carried on then stopped. So I decided to put it out in the garden
In the morning I took it to a bin along the sea front. A man was sitting in his scooter looked at me it was buzzing again I said it’s my electric toothbrush it won’t turn off he laughed and carried on his way.
Well at least it made him laugh. To which I thought it made me laugh then viewing me from someone else view I must have looked nutty.
But there we are. So now until I buy a new one I will have to use this very short version eh!!

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