By misswinterfinch

Mystery Wild Vine

Is this Wild Wednesday? If so, I am entering this wild vine with flowers.
A couple months ago I discovered what looked like a cucumber seedling growing in the lawn. I dug it out and Transplanted it on the empty side of the arbor that the clematis grow on.
Then I have waited and waited for the cucumbers to arrive.
Did not happen. This seems to be some type of wild vine that a bird must have dropped. I do not recognize the flowers.
Does anyone know what this might be? I assume there will be some type of "fruit" to follow. The Mason bees or other very tiny bees have been visiting the flowers.
I have taken a break from blipping in the last week. It has been too hot to care about almost anything. I also went on binge-watching in the a/c of old Midsomer Murders shows. It has been a type of holiday without leaving the comfort of my armchair. They are free on my Kindle Fire.
Many of the pictures of the pastoral countryside remind me of some slippers views of their countryside. 

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