By DonnaWanna

Wide Wednesday - Science - Impact on our Lives

Science is amazing. Where would we be without it.

Of all the millions of incredible and wonderful inventions that have affected our lives the internet must be the most influential of all! Our lives have been taken over by it in many ways, some good and some bad. Hopefully in the end it will all be for good (I’m a dreamer ;o)!

We have a fixed wireless service to access the internet and its fast, cheap and reliable (so far so good).

In the main image is a dish similar to the one on our building and in the extras is the view from the kitchen window of the tower we are connected to, how convenient! :o). Also in the main image is a rather lovely Nanking Night Heron who has stayed up late just to be in this picture for Blip this morning ;o) lol

If you’re interested, there’s a bit of info from Wikipedia about the technical side of the fixed wireless service at this link.

I’m exhausted after all that ;o) and falling asleep, catch up tomorrow night dear blippers ;o)xxx

Big thanks also to Steveng for hosting WW ;o)

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