Rehearsing - do come tomorrow!

Tomorrow at 19.00 in the old church at Murberget, Karin and I will be singing and playing. It's free and it should be quite lovely. 2 voices, with occasional harp, organ and recorder. I am merely one of the voices, Karin does all the rest. I think we sound like angels half the time, and slightly confused angels the rest of the time. It will all be settled and fine by tomorrow.

Keith has had a weird day, his wisdom tooth was extracted (90 minutes) and he has been resting since - apart from baking the sourdough bread he'd set off yesterday. Committed baker! I anticipate a slow, gentle, short evening.

We saw the last episode of Killing Eve last night, all a bit tense and gulp-producing for me, but it really is very good TV on a lot of levels. I have just roamed the garden digging up plants to take north with us, to Claire who has a garden to create in her new place. Some of the plants came from her to begin with so it feels only fair.

It's interesting how 4 or 5 hours of concentrated rehearsing of things I haven't sung in a decade leaves me energised in some ways and very tired in others! I'm fascinated to recognise that quite intricate part songs I haven't thought about for years are all in their, just press the button and out they come. I need help remembering the words at times, but the tunes are in place. David (dear, departed leader of the music group I was part of for a decade and more) used to say I was steady as a rock once I'd got something. I think I'm sometimes just "strong and wrong" confidently going for it, come what may! (But in a useful way, hopefully. We'll see how it goes tomorrow!)

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