By Janashields


Food shop and other chores then taxi service for Eli-she was due to have her second Hepatitis B vaccination at the hospital today so I arranged for her to get her hospital ID badge done at the same time.  She had also arranged to pick up her therapy services helper uniform.  When she called into the OT Manager's office she was asked if she wanted to start work tomorrow!  It's been a very long time coming and she hasn't got much of the summer left before going back to Uni but it will hopefully be  great experience for her. Home to return El, quick flit around the garden as the rain stopped and the sun came out for 5 minutes then it was time for a lovely coffee and cake catch up with Sue before she heads to Croatia on holiday.  It was dry when I got home so I quickly cut the grass.  Jacket potatoes for tea from Mum's garden.

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