simple moments

By simplemoments



it’s been a while - since i’ve seen pansies - so when i laid eyes - on these in all their - blues, purples and yellows - well, it was an easy - decision as to what - was going to be posted - this combination of colors - is one i could get lost - in by just staring at it - it sort of reminds me - of an abstract painting - where the colors simply - meld one into the other - with no necessary thought or reason - yet there is quite a definite - pattern if you’re willing - to look closely and deeply - but most people are fine - with the cursory glance - the quick nod - not wanting to get too involved - or vested but being okay with - remaining on the periphery

it’s like that in real life - as well, have you noticed - are you one of those individuals yourself - just living life with the motions - perhaps wishing you could do more - but sometimes time is of the essence - so you play it safe - just getting by - or you know those who do - they don’t get involved - yet at times they have plenty - to say about lack of involvement - if you know what i mean

we all have a part to play - on this planet - a significant role - one we shouldn’t take lightly - or feel bogged down with - like the pansies - sometimes we need to take time - to look deeply at life - make a decision to take a leap - to become more involved - for the betterment of our own selves - because we don’t know - the ripple effect it might have - on just one person - causing them to have...


happy day.....

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