Madam Butterfly

came over today with her brother, Mum and Dad. She is a lover of music which is why I called her Madam Butterfly  (un bel dia vedremo ) apart from the many Painted ladies who visited us today. She was also armed with a new guitar.........She has started to play some little notes with it.....the very beginning............I hope she will persist and get lessons. These two haven't been over to stay for a while so they will be staying tonight....Asleep now so peace reigns. They have been very well behaved and were happy to go to our usual haunt........the farm where there are new beasts and new flumes. They were super excited by everything and very happy. Had a lovely time with them while Mummy did the holiday shopping. Grandad had to take J from football and other jobs. He made their lunch and I made their dinner.
C just loves wild life and animals and really wants a dog and a cat. It is not so easy for the parents...............Some extra shots of the antics of which there were many. They had loads of exercise and relaxation so they were no bother at all and we had fun with them.

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