My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

How very British

Is it something uniquely British?
Undeterred by the potential weather (around a 50% chance of rain) we undertook a 3 hour drive up to the Lake walk about 3km in the rain, play crazy golf in a deluge, and then eat an ice cream in a downpour...followed by a 3 hour drive home.
Well it is summer!

The plan was to leave early and head up to Windermere to try the baby carrying rucksack up Orrest Head and claim the kids' first fell. Then a trip to Bowness for a celebratory ice cream.
As it turned out, we left later than planned, parking in Windermere was awful, and it started raining. So we ditched that idea for Bowness and a brief stroll along the shore. We did at least try the rucksack and Owen at least stayed dry.

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