Squeamish blippers might want to skip the details

 In the picture, and in the words as well, to be fair! As reported to the family on WhatsApp.

*Keith hasn’t slept all night. Spitting blood from his poor tattered mouth all night. Back at the dentist to let them help. A stitch or two perhaps. Can’t see why it wasn’t stitched yesterday after a 90 minute battle. His blood thinning medicine is a factor of course. Poor Keith!

*He’s been in the chair for another 45 minutes. Still not returned. He hasn’t a lot of pain which is good. Just a lot of leaking. Poor man he looks shattered.

*The lovely dentist just spoke to me. Our lad has a big bleed next to the bone and therefore tricky (dentist Gustav was impressed) that he’s done his best to stop. Stitches and chemical coagulant and pressure. Keith’s now biting down for half an hour. If that doesn’t work it’s the dental surgeon for him. It's in Sundsvall and will be a drive for me. Probably not a lot of rehearsing for the concert tonight then !! A different sort of day. Apparently he looks good according to the dentist. I think he looks awful but I’m used to bouncy Keith.

*He’s a stoic. Hadn’t thought of ringing the dentist himself!!

*Nurse Harling here. Home with lots of sterile dressings to bite down if it starts bleeding again. Plus a coagulant to soak the dressings in. Whacked. Will no doubt sleep with raised head. Apparently this is very unusual and unlucky. The lovely Gustav gave Keith his mobile number to ring in case it starts again. The patient says thanks for all the love. Zzzxxxxxxxzzzzz

At which point, I cleaned up the bathroom and the kitchen so the patient didn't need to see traces of the night's adventure when he woke up - and then I went off to town to rehearse for the evening. It was fun singing through the material and deciding on what exactly we would be doing.

There was an audience of around 20, fabulous considering there is practically no advertising done, and the museum doesn't allow us to put up our own posters. Keith came, which was lovely - he said he was glad he'd made the effort as it was lovely to hear us. Nice! It was a relaxed and intimate affair, songs with very old English texts, latin, ancient French, Swedish and spanning 800 years. Some sacred songs, some profane. (I love that distinction, it sounds so racy somehow!) Karin played recorder, harp, organ and zither. I only sing. I hope we two angels will do more singing now we have got started again. We used to long to sing just the two of us (angels, nuns, that sort of vibe) and never got to as the tradition is to have a bass - at the very least! So, some wishes really do come true!

I found a recording from 2010, with Solis Previa at about 2 minutes in. I start that one with a solo. So for any blippers who have wanted to hear my singing look here! Karin comes in at the end, David is playing the harp, Anders sings a duet with me - they were happy days, full of music in various combinations. Now working in a new one, just two voices.

Gustav the dentist rang Keith to see how he was getting along, isn't that nice? Gratitude all over the place today - for dental expertise, kindness, good healing flesh, friends to sing with, people to listen, sleep.

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