David J. Rose

By djrose007

Off to the Tip

Busy day but not with children. Marlane and I have had a go at the overhanging bushes at the side of our house where we have some soft fruit, rhubarb, salad garden. Really getting out of hand including brambles that rip your arms and anything else they can get hold off.
Rammed the back of the car with so much stuff that I couldn't close the tailgate so used a bungee to hold it down.
Although we pay for the council to take our garden rubbish away once a fortnight the 'green bin' is already full and not emptied until next Tuesday so drove to the recycling centre.
Got there to be faced with the opening times and in big letters 'CLOSED ON THURSDAYS'. I knew that but just didn't realise it was Thursday, hadn't thought about it! Alternative closest domestic recycling was at Bishops Cleeve on the other side of Cheltenham. It's only 25 minutes so off we went.
Jont isn't much help when it comes to unloading but he's good company on the ride.

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