By Viewpoint

Almost back to normal today

... just feeling very tired after out days of excitement over the previous three days.  Back to normal at the moment means a wander around the garden with a camera to see what I can photograph.  I was really pleased with this duo because it shows the open winged pattern alongside the closed wings of two Gatekeeper butterflies.  They are very small and usually very lively and I often have trouble photographing one, especially one with a head showing, let alone two together.  Unfortunately they look a little like they’ve been stuck on the grass, but they were resting on top.  When I cut the grass this afternoon I discovered some marjoram beneath this clump of feathery grass, so maybe they were attracted to that.  There were also a pair of green veined whites around, these are also a little more delicate looking than the small whites.

(I’ve missed out the 1st August so I’ll add it later.)

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