New Year Oranges

Our 'Hogmanay Hosts' the other night had decorated their dinner table in a beautiful orange and turquoise theme.

Sitting back around the table in the first hour or so of 2013, I accompanied the New Year conversation by rolling one of the orange ribbons up tightly, and eventually fitting it neatly inside the empty case of a used 'party popper'.

In recognition of my obvious interest and skill at this largely subconscious pastime, I was eventually allowed to take the entire contraption home in my pocket!

Taking it out and admiring it back home yesterday evening, I was suddenly inspired to drape the orange ribbon over the bowl of clementines on our own dinner table - where (as I'm sure you will all agree!) it went so well from an aesthetic point of view that it seemed only natural to share it with you all as today's blip...

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