Looking for the beauty

By looking4beauty


I returned to London again today with my friend Jo from work. Last year 3 of us went but our other friend couldn't make it this year as she's moving house. Last year the weather was scorching hot without a cloud in the sky. We were lucky again this year but it was a bit cooler thankfully.
We headed to Covent Garden first and had a beautiful lunch in the Ivy. We were stung for a bottle of water but the meal was excellent. We walked down to Embankment and caught a boat to Tower Bridge. It was only about £6 and a great way to travel across London on a sunny afternoon.
We walked around by the Tower of London and had a delicious ice cream at Ben and Jerry's. We then headed to the Monument and crossed over to the other side of the Thames on London Bridge. It's the first time I've been to that part of London and it was full of character as well as being extremely busy. We saw the replica boat and pub that you see from the river cruise as well as the Tate Modern and the Globe. We didn't have time to go into the Tate so we'll be back another day for a visit. We crossed back over the river via Millennium Bridge and saw St. Paul's Cathedral before catching the tube back to Euston. Unfortunately we missed our train by about 2 minutes but there was a faster one 20 minutes later so it worked out well in the end.
I had a great day and really enjoyed spending time with my friend. London we'll be back!

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