All part of the story

By Treshnish

Knapweed, Harebell, and Ragwort

I was down at Calgary on the machair early, trying to get some aerial photographs of the flowers so we can compare year on year.  I ran out of space on my SD card so it wasn't highly successful!  However it was beautiful.  No one on the beach to begin with, then one solitary swimmer.  

Back in the car park two French families sat having breakfast on one of the picnic benches.   They had a small pot of strong coffee, and a sorry looking bag of supermarket bread.  Not quite the croissants or pain du compagne they would be used to.  

D and I spent a pleasant morning harvesting in the garden - in full sun and warm.  An afternoon of tiresome tidying before C arrives on Monday.  And a late afternoon swim in silvery water at Calgary.  It is still so calm, but feels like a storm might be brewing.

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