By seizetheday


...late-afternoon sky - we had a short walk on Weetwood Moor after a trip to the tip. The great mass of the Cheviot was hiding beneath the cloud.

Disconcerting warning light came on in the car as we set off - implying a fault with with the exhaust system control. Hopefully the car will get MrM to his gig tomorrow, only 11 miles away, and that the local garage will be able to solve the problem next week. It will be a real pain in the backside if we have to get it to a dealer!

While MrM was playing fiddle with a band at the Powburn Show this afternoon, I started turning up the skirt I bought in Warwick last weekend. Not a task I enjoy, but one with which I've had a lot of practice, being very quite vertically challenged! Much more complicated than anticipated - finally finished at 10.30pm, but at least it will be worn and not consigned to the space at the end of the wardrobe reserved for things that need shortening...

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