Winter Delights at Kings Park

Although I was going to have a complete rest day I managed to get all the chores done early and we had lunch early and suddenly I had the afternoon stretching out before me and I was feeling good so off I went to lovely Kings Park.

It has been a day of on/off showers so I thought there wouldn’t be too many people there, unfortunately I was wrong, it was packed!!

Nevertheless I managed a quick hour zooming around to all my favourite flowers and then tootled back home. Toto was waiting at the door and raring to go so we took off down to the river as we always do. He was very happy as I think he though I’d forgotten him ;;o)

The main image is a beautiful banksia just starting the opening (blossoming) process, lovely with the sun shining through and the leaves around it. Also a few selected goodies in extras. The everlastings (paper daisies) are starting to open and there are lots of beautiful mallee and eucalyptus blossoms everywhere too, I had a glorious hour drinking in their beauty!! :o)

Thanks so much for the hearts and stars and lovely comments over the past few days, you are a lovely lot! :o)xxxx

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