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End of the day

We started the day with some souvenir shopping and then another adventure - a puncture, hilariously after days on dirt tracks this happened at a petrol station! Hardest bit was working out how to get the spare wheel, though the manual proved very helpful. Then another long drive, from Maseru to Durban. Most entertaining bit was the fact that it looks like it took four days for us to get between the Lesotho and South African borders - which are a matter of metres apart, as the Lesotho border officer hadn't set the right date on her exit stamp!
Strange to be back in Durban, which is where I was born and lived until I was six. We drove by my old primary school and one of the houses we lived in. Scary amount of barbed wire round both that wasn't there in my day, but that's South Africa these days, sadly. Nice dinner in a restaurant the Airbnb host recommended, and it was lovely to see the full spectrum of the Rainbow Nation enjoying a meal out.
Another approximate location, and some extra shots including Howick Falls.

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