Gardening in the Glen

Opening her garden for the first time under Scotland’s Garden Scheme Lynn Cameron is delighted with the turnout this afternoon.
“I think we had around a 100, my husband stopped counting after while.”
I know the problem, trying to juggle tickets, money and count heads at the same time.
Lynn and her husband bought their former council flat in Alva, against the dramatic backdrop of The Ochils,  twenty-seven years ago and acquired three other garden plots  adjoining because nobody wanted them and the council were happy to sell.
The result today is that Lynn has an extraordinary long garden divided into a succession of different “rooms” ranging from Oriental to Mediterranean.
She does all the gardening, as well as having a full time job in the family business.
 “I have bought very little. People give me stuff they no longer want and I recycle it.”
This includes a huge mirror placed at the end of the garden giving the effect of leading into yet another room.
  (That’s one idea I shall be using.)
Lynn is pictured here with some cleome plants. The seeds came free in a gardening magazine.

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