By Arachne

Card Error

I was very kindly indulged by three blippers I admire hugely and taken to the legendary Wall, to imindoors's mill, MisterFT's graffiti wall, the Trainspotting ex-bridge and many other sights of Leith. Observing how others see and talking about making images - over a coffee, in the generous afternoon light, in the pub - revived my recently-waning enthusiasm for photography, and once we'd gone our separate ways I continued ambling and spotting things my mind has been refusing to see for a few weeks now. Until...

Card Error! In orange on black. 

I replaced it with my spare and carried on, persuading myself that I'd be able to rescue the damaged one later on my laptop. But this evening, nothing. All this afternoon's and yesterday's photos are inaccessible on both the laptop and in the camera. Howl! 

I can console myself that the conversations were better than my photographs, but why couldn't this have happened when I was taking pictures of apples rather than when my eyes were waking up?

Advice gratefully received.

On my way back I was offered a free ticket to Whose Mind is it Anyway, an improvised play on a subject suggested by an audience member, in which several parts are played by members of the audience who have agreed to be hypnotised to enable them to do so. Not great art but impressive.

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