By GracieG

Internet Gardening

As some of you know, we stripped everything out of the garden last summer, and started again with a revised design, laying new lawns and planting new plants last Autumn.  So this is our first summer enjoying our new flowers/shrubs.  I'm not a gardener, and have discovered that I haven't choosen the correct plants for the right places in a few instances.  However, we do have some lovely flowers and these delphiniums (which are flowering for the second time) are beautiful and I managed to catch a photo of them just after a rain shower.
Another success was a packet of cornflower seeds, which cost just over £1 and have filled lots of gaps in another border.  I was surprised to see that some of them are pink (see extras), still pretty but I love the colour of the blue ones best.
I've found the internet a great source for finding out what to do with plants once they've flowered, so I'm learning slowly and no doubt the internet will be called upon again when it's time to do some pruning.

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