My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

Just out for a stroll

It was a busy old Sunday for Owen with swimming in the morning and a stroll around Attingham Park in the afternoon. He was loving getting about and always loves playing with the leaves on the trees*, although he wasn't too sure about his new shoes to start with.

We didn't make him walk all the way, we did take his pushchair too. It was a good job we did. Out on the woodland walk, at about the farthest point from the house, we heard an ominous rumble closely followed by an almighty downpour which had us drenched and sodden almost immediately. Peering in under the cover Owen's expression seemed to be saying "What exactly are you crazy fools subjecting me too?"

This seems to be a milestone blip today even though the yearly ones (5 years worth) seem a bit redundant when you're not blipping every day.
Still, 5 years worth isn't bad going I suppose.

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