Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


We thought we were out pretty early for beat the heat and boat traffic -for a row but there was a swarm of wasps on the ramp eating a leftover crab.. I’m allergic to them so no way was I walking down to the dock.  That took a bit, a hose, and finally some spray.   then I rowed around this tiny island nature preserve looking for birds.   Nary a one. get seals in our bay.   I know it looks huge now but this pup (left) has been here awhile nursing  and growing.  Some transient orcas were seen by a neighbor by one of the islands we look at but I’ve never seen them in this bay.    I think they’re safe here.   But no one ever knows.

I’m sure all of our (in the US) email boxes are full of outrage over the lack of gun control here.   but what to DO?   I belong to the Grandmothers Against Gun Violence., who have done so much to push thru legislation in WA state….. their advice yesterday:    Ask everyone you know to join them or a similar anti gun violence group.  Call our legislaters.  Demand action to limit gun ownership.   And write a letter from your generational family to the editor of your local newspaper.   Where we are it’s preaching to the choir.  But I’m  posting their website, maybe there is a group near you.     HERE

And on a related note, they have the info on their website about the Soul Box Project Exhibit which just happens to be in Seattle this week through Aug 8 with 3000 boxes on exhibit at the School of Visual Concept.  Fiona and I made some boxes to send in April. (THE BLIP)  The Portland group who started it intend to exhibit a box for every person that has died from gun violence in this country, including suicides. IT will be  an overwhelming visual concept.   The number is increasing.   YOU could make some boxes.   (HERE) 

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