We had an early start this morning.  Helen was leaving us to drive on her long journey south.  She left around 8am and we left home at 8.30am as we had to be at the Golden Jubilee Hospital at 10am for my 12 week check.  We have had a very busy week with Helen, and most enjoyable, and it will be strange without her for a few days.

Traffic was fairly busy through Glasgow, but we got to Clydebank in good time, and first of all I was taken to have an Xray and then for an interview with an assessor.  They were very pleased with my progress, and I was told I can now exercise on my static bike, which seems to be the best way to get myself fit.  I mentioned that I get some pain in the other leg, and was told that this is normal as the body is re-balancing after the surgery and that this will fade. 

Had a coffee in the hospital café before returning home, and I have been pottering around the house while the HG has been weeding outside.  The weather is pretty mixed, some heavy showers, but some sunshine and warmth too.

Found that these lilies are flowering beautifully and decided they were blippable.

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