horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

Bubbling Up

I'm having a clear-out and my lava lamp hasn't made the cut... Needed to check it was working before putting it up for sale.

A day of trying to spend time outdoors knowing I'm trapped back in an office from tomorrow. And so the back of the garden was attacked, and a wee trip to Duddingston Loch brought some near misses (primarily a Buzzard that 'almost' got into the BlipBigYear, but I'm sure someone else will shoot one, or I'll get a better shot; and a suspected, possible, maybe, Merlin).

Other than that I'm just trying to do stuff with time rather than frittering it away. Making dinner counts as doing something since it's something to enjoy both the activity and the results; sitting watching the telly generally doesn't count, except for an hour set aside for David Attenborough. Time is precious; inactivity is boring; I fidget. Or. Bubbling along nicely.

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