Rain delay

This is taken from the Altoona Curve's ballpark during a rain shower. There were several, and the game ended up being postponed.

A few days ago, Jill suggested we go to a Curve game since they're nearby, and I am missing baseball. There are two amusement parks in the area (you can see the Skyliner roller coaster past the outfield in this photo) that we could visit before the game.

We started at DelGrosso's, which has two roller coasters. It was a new park to us. The coasters are small; one is a spinning mouse, and the other is a Wacky Worm kiddie coaster. Jill said I should ride the Wacky Worm so she could get photos. It was my first time on one.

Then we drove the roughly 10 miles (16 km) to Lakemont park, home of the oldest roller coaster in the world. Leap the Dips opened in 1902 but has been closed on and off a bit. It's been closed the last two years and hasn't opened yet this year. The park was hoping for a July opening. Not yet. But they told us hopefully this month. I really want to ride it.

We did get to ride Skyliner, the coaster in this photo. I rode in the back, Jill the front. We were the only people on the train. It was fun.

After the parks, we went to the baseball game. Sadly, it got rained out, but we'll come back tomorrow to finish the game and maybe watch the other one scheduled for today. It'll almost be a doubleheader.

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