By TonyG

Faces in a crowd

Diascia personata.  I've been taking pictures of it for a while and today, on a 'slow news' day', it makes it's blip bow!    Diascia originate in S Africa and the most commonly grown ones are low growing.  Bucking the trend Diascia personata grows up to  a meter high, branching stems bearing myriad pink flowers.   Long flowering, it's a useful filler after the early summer flowering plants are over.

Morning visit to a biomechanic as I continue a long overdue personal MOT and service!   Orthotics to help support a foot that pains me when driving.  Tomorrow the big reveal when the dressing is removed from my nose.

Afternoon at Una's where the big news is that she has reluctantly decided to move into a care home.   So hard to leave her own home but the care will be better and she will see more different people.  It's been lonely home alone with just the live-in carer for company most of the time.  The wheel of life turns again and we all move on.

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