By hpx


After a straighten out from the chiropractor I headed home to deal with my bins without wrecking any other part of my body. I think I've succeeded.

I spent a happy hour chatting with my aunt and uncle. In their 90s they manage to live independently with modest amounts of help.

Just before the sun set I did my local errands on foot. Meat from the Cory's Thursday butcher truck, local eggs from William at the convenience store, and a blip of reflections at sunset through the window of Pedal Pushers.

Pedal Pushers is a bike themed cafe/bar. The wall of wheels separates different areas. There's a lot going on but I like the dance of light.

Today's gratitude: For access to bras. That might seem odd but most woman in the Pacific Islands never own a bra. They can miss out of education, work, and sport sometimes unable to leave their homes.

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