By a790mcdowell

New addition to my room :)

I had mentioned to my mum that I was thinking about getting myself a record player. A couple of days later my uncle called to say that he had found an old one in his cellar and he had spent the day taking it apart and fixing it back up. When I went to collect it and found that this is what he was giving me I was ridiculously excited, it is amazing.
I love the scratchy noise.
I love the involvement of putting the record on.
I love the clicking noise when it runs off when a song has finished.
And I loved seeing my aunt and dad being able to sing along to songs that used to be their favourite when they were younger.
I was so thankful for it! :) But it looks right at home at the bottom of my bed!

'Three little girls sitting in the back seat.' is now on my list of favourite songs. Along with 'Ave Maria'.

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