By Shutterup

O Frabjous day

An early start and out on a friends boat at 8 just as the tide was high.  A gloriously calm, bright morning. Peaceful even though there was a family of children jumping off the harbour at this early hour while mum, dad and the dog (and rather more sensible younger brother) watched on.  The anticipation of our trip out was thrilling, the prospect of pulling up his pots and seeing what had found its way in to them was very exciting and of course the promise of some mackerel fishing in order to feed us and also to bait his next creels.  All in all we returned with 4 lobster, 3 crab, 8 mackerel and sunburnt faces!!  Happy people we both were (if a little hungry on my part as l had left the house with no breakfast or coffee) and we stayed out a full 3.5 hours!!  I have smoked the mackerel in order to provide a house speciality for guests tomorrow and l ate one for supper... just absolutely delicious!  The sun shone all day but looking at the forecast we may not see the sun again for a few days as tomorrow is due to be a washout with thunder and rain causing flooding in places.  I will busy myself painting from a few of my photos for part of the day tomorrow. (actually think that this photo almost looks like a painting... l never understand how that happens with an iphone.. no filters used)

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