By flying


......was slow to arrive but when it did the sky was vibrant and strong. Lovely to be on the coast in the city as the Pacific Ocean gently rolled in, the air cool, 4C as the sun rose with just a stir in the air. Seagulls glided by, a lone swimmer headed out into the waves while other photographers lined the shore. Wonderful to share this moment with blipper mpp26 by my side at New Brighton pier.

Once the sun was up and we were happy with our shots we went to Travis Wetlands where we saw pied stilts, mallards, paradise ducks, pukekos, black swans, Canada geese, welcome swallows, grey teal ducks, New Zealand shovelers and New Zealand scaup.

A few extras to show our morning: 
The two birds are welcome swallows, the one on the left didn't want to share the branch, they were having words! 
The last image was my very first shot this morning, it's a bit soft but I love the light on the sand.

Friday.....thankful for friendship, photography and being able to enjoy nature. Thanks M for a wonderful morning :)

Happy weekend everyone :)

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