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Backblip: Third day in Melle

Last of three backblips from Melle this week.
The first is here.
The second is here

The temperature rose yesterday and we curtailed plans to walk further. 
I had wanted to see the third Romanesque church and visit the Silver Mines but we did not want to leave unattended animals in the van in the hot weather. Nell went for a walk that she didn't seem to enjoy very much and we didn't get to stretch our legs very much.

We walked away from the town, along the Ruban Vert, a 15 km cycle way along the old railway line. Not that we got that far.

For the first stretch, the cycle route runs adjacent to a track and we stuck to that for as long as possible in order not to dance with death and passing pelotons... at the point at which the chemin petres out and we needed to cross to the cycle route, we spotted this private burial ground.

Mother, Father Momplaisir and daughter née Momplaisir appear to have been buried here, though no son-in-law is apparent. The parents were born in the late 19th Century and made it through to the middle of the 20th, the daughter having followed them in the 1970s. The memorial masonry appears to have been added far more recently.

A charming find.

I don't believe in ghosts or any form of afterlife but it tickled me to think that, having been buried right at the side of the railway, these three might be travelling ghostly trains across France for evermore.

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