By Saffi


I thought I would start with the glasses cupboard as there are so many odd ones accumulated over the years and the number I use is minimal to what is actually on the shelves.  Most of them have come from grandparents, parents and other relations as their homes have been emptied.  We were great ones for using hand downs rather than buying our own!

Three lots: those I am going to keep (still too many!), a cardboard box  for charity shops and a few to T and K.  T came in and said he would take the set of shot glasses - I hope they have room for them as they have a lot of their own hand me down old glasses too!

Of course they all had to be washed having acquired a mantle of dust through the gap where the door doesn't close properly!  Chipped ones are thrown away.

All I can say is that it is very satisfying once it is done.

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