By MeMeMe_Mimi

We're fishing in the rain

Fishing is not a hobby of mine if I'm to be perfectly honest, but when we're down at Donegal it's practically a ritual.
Come rain or shine, we pull on our raincoats, struggle with the straps of our life-jackets, and shove our feet into wellies or runners.
Once we're out on the river we're grand. We throw the rod happily into bushes and trees (sometimes actually managing to get it in the water) before heading back with our loot: some
leaves and twigs and if we're lucky a fish or two.
The current was unusually strong today though, and the lashing rain didn't help.
Which in the end called for a small crash-landing on the river bank, and dragging the boat out with a rope.
Not what I would call a successful fishing trip, but certainly an eventful one.

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