Perfect Winters Evening

It was all a bit of a rush.. coming to Akaroa today. I had planned on going tomorrow and staying until Monday. But those plans changed when I got a call from the Hospital to see if I could come in at 7am Tuesday morning for my operation the hand for my Dupuytren's contracture. Because they are behind with their surgery it has been contacted out to the private system. Which is good for me as it is easier to get to St Georges hospital than public.

My roses in Akaroa should have been pruned last month. With being away then the lock braking, along with the rain, I haven't been able to get over there to do them. After the operation I will not be able to any gardening for a month or so.

As soon as I arrived in Akaroa around 2pm I got straight into the garden and started pruning along with some weeding.. the weeds were getting out of control as I hasn't been over there since before I went away to the UK in June. It was such a beautiful day and so warm in Akaora I stayed in the garden until it was getting dark.

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