Hideously wet morning...saw a poor Fringe gateperson standing on the pavement in an ankle-deep river waiting to direct people to shows...although no punters were around!
Worked in the office all morning then tea and chat with CR about Non-Exec board things....really nice woman and good we’ll be doing work together again. Back to the office and more reading and commenting/writing till it was time to meet up with Sa&So for fish and chips. Thank goodness the rain had cleared and it was quite a sunny evening. I went off to a reception afterwards....this young group of musicians were the entertainment and were full of energy....nice to see so many people that I knew and particularly to meet up with FL again.
After a couple of hours Sa&So were back from the comedy they’d been to and we headed to the Meadows for a circus show that So fancied. Well, very bizarre! Lots of good gymnastics/trampolining but also weird costumes, a crucifixion section, and very disjointed ‘storytelling’ (if you could even call it that!). Still, we talked a lot about it on the way home as you do with the less good shows!

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