By isbi

Silly Saturday

Mr isbi got up and dressed at 6am (silly) to go to the farm to feed the horse as we planned to leave home at 9:30 to attend my second cousin’s surprise 80th birthday party at Orange, two hours away.
Then I looked out the window and and pointed out we had had a heavy snowfall and he couldn’t go anywhere.

We were disappointed to think we would have to miss it but by 10am things weren’t looking quite so bad so we headed off, along with my brother who had stayed the night to come with us.
We travelled through a couple of blizzards and the snowiest central west landscape I have seen. See extras.

That might have been a bit silly but turned out to be the right move as we made it safely and had a very nice afternoon.

Somewhat sillier is my headgear. We were asked to wear a “fancy hat” so not being silly myself I had commissioned Elizabeth to make one for me:-)

Pictured is my brother, the guest of honour and me (in the silly hat).

Tonight we are staying with my sister, MsPeahen, in Dubbo and going to the races tomorrow. Just hope our horse gets here as he will have to travel through Orange and more snow is forecast tonight.

Thanks admirer.

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