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By BHPPhoto

The Stumbling Block

An image from Company Carpi's latest dance production The Stumbling Block, performed at Chester Storyhouse that involved a mixture of poetry, music and dance and was all based on the poetry cycle "The Stumbling Block" by acclaimed poet, author and sculptor Brian Catling. 

Dancers:  Gabrielle Orr & Paige Lyon
Drummers:  Tom Maude & Paul Sheard.

The Stumbling Block was conducted by composer and producer Gary Lloyd and choreographed by Bettina Carpi. 
I've made some good connections in the arts since moving from Spain to Chester back in 2015. Working with Gary and Bettina is always interesting and challenging and their work asks questions of me as a photographer. My other sideline involves working alongside a music promoter as a photographer, lighting director (my own pompous title) and generally assisting. We have a wonderful old church venue to work from and have welcomed around 50  americana, folk and blues acts so far to Chester with many of them being big names in their field. Those pictures are for another day but check out the blog if you are interested in more pictures from the dance show and the music:

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