By spannarama

Homeward bound (slowly) :|

Got packed up this morning, then made some banana flapjacks.  I'd just got them in the oven when my sister called to ask if I could pick her up - they got back from Crete last night and my niece had had a horrible stomach bug, so they wanted to avoid the walk.  Drove down to theirs, then to Morrisons where we picked up some lunch, and then back to Mum's.  Quick catch up with my sister, and then she got started on work (in Mum's summer house, which doubles up as her studio) - and fixed my necklace I'd broken the other day :)

I set off just before 2pm to catch the bus to Bristol, then the train from there.  Sat on it for well over an hour before it went anywhere - thanks to a trespasser on the line (they later told us it was someone who'd jumped off a bridge and broken his back).  Train destination was changed to Salisbury, but thankfully they held the Waterloo train there for us, so I stepped off one and straight onto the other.  Arrived in London about an hour later than planned, so not too bad in the end.  Worse for the jumper....

Tim came out to meet me as I walked down our road just before 9pm - so happy to see him again.  Bit of a short evening together, then bed - but Friday tomorrow, hooray!

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