By jac1954

Colchester A&E

Yes for those that know me I’ve done it big time.
Friday morning. Got up did exercises for my rib pain and helps with bingo or batwings.
Took most of the fittings off the doors I was going to put undercoat on several doors including the airing cupboard.
Paint most of the doors pleased with my self. Have not been able to do anything like this because of my hand ops and the broken wrist this June.
Having lunch I thought I think I shall go for a walk whilst the paint dries!!
Walked to town went to Tesco’s to by some cheese and cream. Started to walk back. Treading carefully I was walking then suddenly flying I tripped up on the paving slab normally if you run a bit you can correct yourself Eh! But no ~~~~
I landed on my chest wallop
Then my legs caught up
Then my head flipped forwards and crouch!!!
My glasses went off in two directions and all was still.
A mans arm came down to me. And he said can you get up luv.
Yes I think so and he stood me upright.
Then the cut probably from my glasses started to squirt I had my cotton shopping bag with cheese in so I put that to my head the very nice man took me into the nail bar where two lovely young ladies looked after me. After two cups of water and a mountain of bloody tissue. It stopped. So up I got and thanked all concerned for their help.
Wobbled home very slowly phoned my daughters phone one you get two. Both came to my rescue.
As Kim took me last time when I broke my wrist.
Sam said she would take me to A&E Colchester as I had pain in my ribs. !!
Got there about 6.30 pm.
Well cut this long story short.
Wait for it. Yes
I have broken my right wrist AGAIN!!!
I have 2 cracked ribs
I cut to my face no stitches
Green bruises all down my right side of face and head.
Swollen bruised left knee.
Painful left big toe.
Right toes nails all jagged where they went across paving stones
And I am fed up. I was walking careful!!!!
I was very surprised when the dr said he wanted my wrist x rayed.
I have broken it between the last two brakes I did in June this year!!! :-(
I had blood tests to make sure my brain was ok. Turns out ok
Then my wrist had to be manipulated so I had gas and air. Never had it before
Well all done how I can do anything about work I don’t know.
The week after I was having off so I could drive to see my daughter in London. And my son in Margate. Well that’s all not happening now is it.
Can’t drive.
My daughter Sam had to sleep the night as I was told not to be on my own for 24 hours.
My kids are my stars and all look after me.
Going to Drs on Monday to ask if I can have a bone scan and some calcium from them.
I know I did not could not take this picture but I asked Sam to take it for me. Lol
Just to give a big thumbs up for being brave
Still laughing about it now. I did ask dr if he was available for the sleepover he said sorry I have to finish my shift.

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