By LincolnWarrior

Race to the Finish

A weekend off work for me today so I took advantage of that to head up to the castle area of the city. There was due to be a 1940's weekend  been held up there.  Due to very high winds a lot of it was cancelled for the day as most of the day we have had 40 - 50 Mph winds . The forecast is a lot better for tomorrow so things should be ok  for Sunday. 
There was still quite a few vintage vehicles on display so I was able to grab a few shots. My blip is of a couple of old racing cars that raced in the Le-mans race see extra. More of my shots can be seen on My blog
A relaxing day for most of the day which included fetching Julie from her Mum & dads .
Watching football on TV at the moment and then a spot of catch up  tv later this evening

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